raz’n hell with fun Halloween stuff from Hellrazor shop

Hi there all my fellow raisers of Hades!

Gotcha another bonus post for the spooktacular month of October!!  Since Halloween is just around the corner, I’ve collaborated with Jen from the blog Betties N Brimstone who also has an Etsy shop – HellRazor! She contacted me and asked if I would like her to send me some of her RAD handmade and vintage goodies, and OF COURSE I said “YES!”  So, as promised, Jen sent me some super cool stuff from her shop and I’m gonna show it to you!

I don’t know about you, but Halloween colors have always been my very favorite since I was just a little girl.  If anyone asked me my favorite color probably from the time I was about 3, I would respond with “Puh-ple, owange, and gween!!”  Maybe it’s because my birthday is so close to the holiday…who knows.  I have just always loved those three colors.  They have changed in hue over the years, but still have remained pretty darn constant.  Now that I’ve told you all that, I’m not sure it really has anything to do with this post.  hahaha…I guess I just thought you needed to know that.  Just some more useless info about me…

But anyway, I cannot dress up for Halloween at work.  It would be highly frowned upon if I were suddenly called in to court to testify with a green face and a big wart on my nose.  I am also not into the holiday sweaters.  If you are, more power to ya, but I would like a more subtle touch to my outfit to represent.  Well as you might have guessed, Hell Razor Art is perfect for doing just that!! Jen is totally bad ass and makes some screamingly fabulous Halloween-ish hair flowers/pins, but also some fun Pyrex planner stickers  (designed by her), and sells some vintage jewels.  Below, I have pictures of how I’ve styled some things she gave me:

This is a sugar cat skull flower pin–can also be worn as a hair clip but I have a teeny head and it would look ridiculous.  It would be super cute at the top of a pony tail, but as you can see, I don’t have enough hair for that.  My daughter, however, does.  She has already laid claim on this thing and I’m not sure I will be able to get it out of her tightly clenched little paws.

sugar skull cat hair flower pin hell razor

|Top: Banana Republic, old.  Similar| Dress: Anthropologie, old. Similar| Cardigan: White House Black Market, old. Similar| Booties: Dolce Vita, old.  See my bootie picks| Styled a summer dress as a fall outfit, see other ways to do this|

As you can see, it’s totally adorable in a creepy way and it would add a perfect spooky little flair to your otherwise non-Halloween-costume-work appropriate outfit.

cat sugar skull flower pin from hell razor on etsy

Pretty cute, ain’t he?


I dare you to try not to look at this next one.  I mean it.  Don’t.

striped skirt madewell and hairflower hell razor etsy

See?!?  I told you not to!!  Even though it’s a big giant eerie eyeball pin, it’s still kinda adorable at the same time.  I like it.

Here it is with the entire ensemble.  I think  you definitely need one of these.

eyeball hair flower hell razor etsy shop

|Skirt: Madewell, old. Similar| Boots, old.  Previous post|

The next two items aren’t as ghoulish as the first two, but nonetheless, pretty freakin’ rad.  But you can’t have them, bc I took the only ones.  :/

Stitched heart necklace pendant with white beaded chain

hell razor vintage heart necklace and polka dot coat

|Dress: La Senorita Jolie, Ellen Be a stylist for them and get big discounts, get info| Coat: Kohl’s, old. Sort of similar|

Below is a much more accurate depiction of the color of the necklace.  For some reason it didn’t show up well in the picture above.  And also, take notice of the adorable little Pyrex dishes stickers!!  You know you want those cuties for your planner!!  I, for one, am obsessed with stickers, planners, notebooks, etc…

hair flowers from hell razor and vintage jewelry

and lastly, the pretty beaded necklace and earrings you see in the picture above.  I struggled with how I wanted to style them.  But after the struggle was over, I really like how the outfit turned out.

anthro dress vintage beaded necklace hell razor

|Dress & Jacket: Anthropologie, old.  Sort of similar dress, similar jacket| booties similar

How would you have styled this necklace??

hell razor etsy shop vintage necklace

I also normally don’t match my earrings with my necklace because, I don’t know, I always tend to like non-matchy asymmetrical looks.  But I put them together this time and actually like it.

necklace and earrings from hell razor etsy

As I so pompously stated before, the necklaces/earrings aren’t available because they are one of a kind.  However, Jen still has some cute jewelry left in her shop.  You’ll have to go see for yourself though.

Ok, so run, don’t walk to HellRazor Art Etsy shop.  If you don’t, you will be labeled a Halloweenie and will have a curse put on you.  I’m not even kidding.

Don’t look now, but I think someone is chasing you.  You better get over to HellRazor right now…

fall out of summer-how to make fall outfits out of summer dresses

Well, poo,  I guess I need to come to terms…sigh…it really is fall in Indiana now.  I’ve seen too many escapee leaves to think differently.   I know a lot of you are pretty happy about the cooler weather, but I make no secret of my loathing for the cool/cold.  I can’t stand it.  Fall isn’t too awful, but usually right behind it comes the dreary, dreadful winter weather.  The trees are ugly and bare, everything is so colorless.  There are no flowers and usually no sun.  Kind of depressing, really.  If you live in a southern or western state, you probably welcome the “cold” because, well, it isn’t really cold!!  Not sure why I never made it out of Indiana since I can’t stand the weather 3/4 of the year; I guess because my family is here and it truly is home for me.  I’ve never lived anywhere but Indiana.  How boring, I know.  I’m just a Hoosier through and through.  Ok, ok, enough of the babble and on to the important stuff–I’m about to show you how to “winterize” your wardrobe!

Are you one of those people who feels the need to store your summer stuff away at the first sight of a fallen leaf?? Or your cardigans are packed away somewhere because it’s summer??  You are?  Now why would you go and do a thing like that?  Hehe, just giving you a hard time, but seriously, I wear pretty much everything I own ALL year long, with the exception of some heavy wool sweaters in the middle of summer, of course.  Everything else, yeah, it stays out where I can see it and get to it!  I am also in the minority and can dress rather quirky sometimes, but if you’re in the market for something a little different this fall/winter season, stick with me.  You just may get a little inspired… 😉

I don’t know about you, but I just got tired of all my fun dresses going to waste because it was too cold to wear them.  Oh piffle.  Go grab a thin pullover sweater or a cardigan/jacket , an adorable summer dress, and then  come back.  I’ll wait here…  I’m about to show you how to wear summer dresses in the fall or winter!

For example:

crew neck sweater over a tank dress for fall


This one is one of those bandage maxi dresses that used to be pretty popular.  I will continue to wear mine b/c it is mega comfy.  I put on a peplum top and a moto jacket over the top of mine.  I do that a lot with dresses to change up the look of them and to just in general be more creative with my outfits.  Doing this also makes your wardrobe so much more versatile!!

bailey 44 bandage dress anthropologie

Oops I did it again.  Made another dress into skirt.  This one was a huge hit on IG.  Lilly is pretty popular right now…and with good reason.  Have I told you I love bright colors???  This was a fun one to put together.

lilly dress as a skirt


I have also been known to rock a white button down under a summer dress.  You haven’t seen the last of this look yet…

I also show how to style a fancy dress as a work dress in this post.

madewell cobalt fit and flare dress


I have also turned this maroon summer dress into a casual fall outfit with this super cute La Senorita Jolie Bobbi Hoodie.  (Check out my other LSJ items!)

la senorita jolie polka dot sweatshirt


This one is SUPER old but I still adore it.  It’s from Free People so many years ago.  It is cut SOOOO low, which is why I threw on a pinstriped, ruffled tee under it.  Also a jean jacket for the brisk autumn air.  This is still one of my very fave dresses to this day.  Well…because hot pinkish purple flowers and tulle underneath.

silk black floral dress free people


…and how about a bright orange dress worn with navy and some brogues for a fallish feel??

boden orange dress


Here’s that l’il striped number again.  This time I wore a black tee and a heart cardigan for some fun pattern mixing action…

crewcuts sequin caroline cardigan


Sooooo what if the temps rival the arctic, you ask?  You put on some tights and booties/boots!  Don’t have any booties??  You definitely are lacking an autumn wardrobe staple!!

This one turned out to be one of my favorite looks!  And to think some of you ladies would store this baby away for the fall/winter!  Don’t do it!  Put on a tee, a jacket, tights, boots, and of course your favorite Starbucks mug, and off to work (or wherever) you go, looking super adorable in your creative summer turned fall ensemble, I might add 🙂

anthropologie strapless navy romper


The dress above and the dress below–I owned both and sold them for nothing.  Then I realized later that I made a huge mistake.  Yep.  I hate it when I do that.  I sell stuff then see it somewhere and realize I HAVE to have it back.  So then I have to go scour the internet for them again!  Lucky I found them both (again) in my size!

I absolutely LOVE this one.  Any person who knows me knows that I am obsessed with bright colors.  Obviously this dress does not disappoint in that department.  I put on some purple tights to showcase the purple in the top and my trusty brogues again.

floral silk top dress anthropologie

Then there’s this adorable Anthro dress.  Fortunately, I was smart ’nuff to keep this one and didn’t have to do a frantic search to buy it back.  Precious, ain’t it?  Cock-a-doodle-doooooooooooooo

anthropologie green rooster halter dress


Same deal with this one as I did with the navy one.  I put on a tee shirt (I find that v-necks work a little better just so your entire chest area isn’t plain white), belt, cardigan, tights, and booties.  And off I went on my merry way.

anthropologie strapless rose dress



Gonna be a rock n roll singer.  Gonna be a rock n roll star…oh goodness, getting off topic here.  Ok, so basically here’s another sleeveless summer dress that I have made in to a fall, or even winter outfit.  And the brogues are on major repeat.

star dress from anthropologie


Seriously, how cute IS this dress???  My cardigan, to my surprise, was a perfect color match to the top of this dress!  I grabbed it as I was running out the door!  These leopard (or cheetah?) shoes, if you haven’t noticed already, are a main go-to!

tulle dress anthropologie


This one is just kinda for fun, but you can still wear tulle in autumn with some other pieces that “fall it up” a bit.  I LOVE this outfit!!  I was not the creative genius behind it, though.  This was totally inspired by Instagram.  (By the way, if you’re not on IG, you are missing out on the fun.  I am hosting a Bon Jovi song style challenge with my pal Jennifer from www.mommyteacherfashionista.wordpress.com for October!! You should definitely check it out! If you are on IG, follow me @loopyscorpio!)

juicy couture lips sweatshirt and tulle skirt


Who doesn’t love blush and black together?  I love how the black accessories toughen up the sweet, soft girl blush exterior.  I mean, don’t you??

blush dress with black accesories


Alright, I hope I’ve bullied you into keeping your summer clothes out all year!!  The best part about wearing your warm weather dresses now?  Well, they are on sale in anticipation for the stores to get their new fall/winter stuff in!  You know how you have to go get stuff on sale and it’s seasonal so you get a great deal but then you have to wait months and months to actually wear it??  Yeah, you won’t have that problem if you take my advice and wear it NOW!!  You’re welcome!!

For some awesome deals on some unique, fun, rockin’ dresses, go to Shopstyle, Vince Camuto, Betsey Johnson, Saks Fifth Avenue (for up to 70% off!!!), Thred Up (up to 90% off retail prices!!), and Wild Fox!!!  For some great boots, head over to Hunter!!  You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own living room!  So, um, what are you waiting for exactly??

As always, you’re awesome for stopping by.  Come back again please!  If you’re not good at keeping up with blogs, follow me on Facebook at My Fashion Fingerprint!  If you are interested in seeing my daily outfits for some possible inspiration, follow me on IG @loopyscorpio!!