summer convertibles-getting more versatility out of your clothes

Hey all,  I wanted to share with you a few little secrets to help you get a little more versatility out of your clothes.  Convertible clothes!! For example…I present to you the LWD (summer’s version of the LBD):


But wait!!! Or is it a top?!?














Sometimes thinking outside the box can get you endless possibilities for one very simple piece in your wardrobe.  The little white dress just became the little white top.  How ’bout that?  Obviously you can’t throw on just anything to make it work.  I mean I think a mini might be out of the question, but you get the gist.  Grab something that is long enough (midi would work best) and full enough to trick people into thinking you are not wearing a skirt over a dress or they might think you’re weird as hell. But hey whatever works, right?  Adding a belt helps with the transition (it kinda looks like your top is too perfectly tucked without it) and the spikey necklace shows that the eyelet top isn’t gonna take any crap from anyone…no matter how soft and girly it is!!  Then I chose some blue sandals a blush-ish oatmeal colored cardigan because I am perpetually cold. Also, with a skirt as long as this one, heels/wedges tend to look a little better than flats to elongate the legs, but flats would look just fine too.  Really it’s just personal preference and what’s comfortable for you.


*GASP*  NOOOOW look!! It just became a skirt. Would you look at that…amazing the thousands of ways a LWD can be worn.  That’s what I call ‘getting your money’s worth.’


Looks 1, 2, & 3 Banana Republic white eyelet sheath dress (on sale right now!!!), Look 1: donut necklace and ring made by yours truly, shoes literally probably 20 years old.  Some similar finds are here, and here. lip color Lush cosmetics fresh homemade color in bubbly

Look 2: Banana Republic, red linen midi skirt, SUPER old.  some similar ones are here, here, and here.  Sweater was a gift; similar here.  Anthropologie belt (sold out) similar here, here, and here.  (Anthro is having 20% off all sale items right now). shoes forever 21, gold spikey necklace poshmark. similar ones here and here.

Look 3: Top from Jen Daisy Boutique, (not showing on their website, but I know they still have some so give them a call at 317-889-1150) The top is from Imprint by Tavi read about her here.


um, kinda perfect for my blog, huh?? ^

J. Crew necklace sold out,  Coach purse SUPER old, and Anthropologie sandals, similar here. lip color Too Faced Cosmetics Melted in Violet.



Ok, on to the next item.  This, my friends, is really kinda cool.  You see it’s the Summer Sands Convertible Poncho Vest from Candy Court Boutique.  By the way, have you been over to check them out yet??  I think you may want to because you get a 15% discount with code: SWEETRACHAEL15.  mmmmm, hmmmm, that’s right.  I’m pretty sweet.  I almost just spit out my Diet Coke.

Anyway, check this out for real.  This can be worn as a vest or a top.  Here’s the lowdown on both looks:

Screenshot_2015-07-03-22-08-39                Screenshot_2015-07-03-22-16-46

Since this vest is such a neutral color, I of course had to throw in a ton of color and pattern and made the look my own (which is kinda my fashion fingerprint, I suppose).  No matter what you’re wearing, try to add a little bit of “you” in your look. If you do that, you can really wear just about anything.  Just put it on, have some confidence, and own that shiz.


Now check this out as a top…again A LOT of color added.  Why?  To make it “me” of course!

Screenshot_2015-07-03-22-15-52 Screenshot_2015-07-03-22-14-01

Screenshot_2015-07-03-22-14-37 Screenshot_2015-07-11-01-39-32[1]

Looks 1 & 2:  Summer Sands Convertible Poncho Vest courtesy of Candy Court Boutique.

Look 1: Mint tank top from Target, sold out online but this one is similar; Anthropologie flower necklace old, similar here, Anthropologie Hydrangea floral pants (hard to find!!) similar here. Madewell Beatrice ankle strap skimmer in silver (on sale) lip color LUSH cosmetics fresh handmade color in Believe.

Look 2: Hue neon magenta seamed leggings, Scarf target out of stock online, Boden leopard bow belt (sold out) similar here,  Naya Monroe sandals, lip color LUSH cosmetics fresh handmade color in Passionate.


…and last but certainly not least, this striped skirt by Winnie & Kat is so super comfortable and easy to wear!   You just can’t go wrong with comfy and cute but then when you add versatile to it, you almost just HAVE TO have it.  Am I right or am i right? That’s what i thought.

Screenshot_2015-07-04-14-04-39  Screenshot_2015-07-12-11-50-49[1]

Worn as a skirt.  I added some hot pink to it for outfit one. This is a pretty busy pattern by itself (and we’ll talk about pattern mixing in a later post) so I went with a solid top and bright accessories in both outfits. Could easily add a graphic tee as well…(you will see many a graphic tee on this blog).

and…worn as a dress.  I love it because it is not too short and I totally got away with sporting it as a little comfy strapless dress.  Great for running around town, getting stuff done, etc.  Lunch dates or hanging out with my Mini at the park or something mom-like.  And I had on chambray with it due to that aforementioned problem with being cold.

Screenshot_2015-07-11-01-52-03[1]    Screenshot_2015-07-11-01-54-12[1]Screenshot_2015-07-11-01-54-32[1]


Looks 1, 2, & 3  Skirt/dress (courtesy of Winnie & Kat), get yours here for 60% off!!!!  EVERYTHING is 60% OFF for the entire month!!!

Winnie & Kat is closing, and having a giant sale by the way, but don’t worry! Diane, their CEO and her team are joining forces with a another wonderful company, La Senorita Jolie! For more information go to or email for information on getting involved! So you will still be able to get their beautiful, versatile, comfortable clothes and at competitive prices too!!

Look 1: light teal tee, Von maur, similar here, bag Kate Spade NY, similar here, here, and  here . hot pink Nine West wedges, similar here.  here, and here, lip color Candy Yum Yum by MAC Cosmetics.

Look 2: Lucky Brand White top old, somewhat similar here, Free people white swing tank top, Dottie Couture Boutique necklace similar here (stella and dot), shoes similar here and here

Look 3: Chambray shirt J. Crew, others here, and here,  Gymboree lemon slice necklace , lemon bangle KSNY, similar here , Badgley Mischka shoes similar here, lip color Lush Cosmetics Fresh Handmade color in Drive.


So you see, you can do so many things to change up your clothes!  Just experiment and wear them different ways.  Grab some accessories and cute, comfy shoes and you’re set!!!



starting off with a bang- 4th of July and The Rolling Stones

Well HELLO everyone!!!  Welcome to My Fashion Fingerprint!!   You all are awesome for stopping by. You don’t know how much I appreciate the support!  If you haven’t already, please take a minute to read “hello it’s me” to get a better understanding of who I am and what this blog is about.  This is mainly a fashion blog but it may be a little quirky and funky, and sprinkled with a little bit of rock n roll.  I’m a music FANATIC (you’ll find out more about that in a later post) so I thought it only appropriate to start this off with my July 4th celebration.  Yes I know it was a few days ago, but people, it was worth documenting.  I got to see Mick and the boys up close and personal. Yep,  I got to see THE STONES!!  So sit back and enjoy.  It was truly ‘out of control.’


Ok so here I am at home with perma-grin. We’re on our way!!



No, this is not our car.  But it was in the parking lot,  it went with the theme,  so I felt I couldn’t pass on the photo opp…


Screenshot_2015-07-07-00-40-00-1                                                                               Tickets in hand!!!




This concert was at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway… and that place is rather large. So of course I had to make a pit stop…at The Pit Stop.




Patiently waiting…

Rolling stones tour

…annnnnnd here he is, the man of the hour,  in the flesh. The one,  the only,  MICK FRIGGIN JAGGER!  I couldn’t believe it. After all the years and all the concerts I’ve been to,  I’ve never seen The Stones. It was literally a dream come true.  He’s still got the moves,  he’s hilarious,  and his pants HAD to be a smaller size than mine.  And most importantly he still sounded great.


Wouldn’t be the same without Keith, now would it? I believe he’s pickled.  One helluva musician though.Keith RichardsRolling Stones Tour



Ronnie Wood is old and buff. And Charlie Watts is just Charlie Watts. The show was absolutely amazing. Not cheap but well worth the price of admission.  If you’re a music fan and you’ve never seen The Rolling Stones, do yourself a solid and go get tickets for The Zipcode Tour!!  If you do go, please report back!  I’d love to hear about your experience as well!

Info on the Stones’ Zipcode Tour:


Want details on my fab 4th festivities fashion and flair??  Yeah, I thought so…

2015-07-09 17.33.25

Red & white striped peplum top, Anthropologie (sold out) similar   here,  cropped jeans: (old) similar  here   and  here ; necklace: banana Republic (sold out) similar  here   and  here  ; half moon bracelet: Anthropologie (sold out) similar  here  ; leopard bow belt: Boden (sold out), similar  here ; shoes Aldo (old), very similar  here  and in black/gold   here ; lip color  Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Dragon Girl 

My apologies for most of this stuff being sold out/old, but I buy a lot of my things from Poshmark , Ebay,  and  ThredUp.  If you have not yet signed up for a ThredUp account, you definitely should!  Run over to my friend Jennifer’s blog,   Mommyteacherfashionista,  to get a new member discount code!

Right now  Anthropologie  is having an additional 20% off sale items; and  Nordstrom  is getting ready for their half -yearly sale!!  If you are a Nordstrom   Rewards  Member, you can shop early starting NOW!!  If you’re not a member,  I highly recommend it!!

Any questions, comments, suggestions, complaints, things I can do better, etc, etc, please leave me a comment or hit the “work with me here” tab at the top of the page and go from there!

Thanks for hanging out!  See you all very soon!