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Hey!  I’m Rachael, (sarcastic 40+ scorpio chick) and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for checking out My Fashion Fingerprint.  Here is where you can get the tools to make your own unique style impression!

stitch fix dress


My love for fashion, makeup, and all things quirky began many years ago in a galaxy far, far away…from the nearest mall. Due to this dreadful hardship, my teen years were spent living vicariously through Betty Boop and the models on the large vibrant pages of my Esprit catalogs.  I would have given my left arm to have every Swatch ever made (I wore my watch on my right wrist back then so I’d have been fine).



(Actual photos of my bulletin board collages taken with my Kodak Disc camera so many years ago.  Yes,  I kept them. Is that weird??)


The only thing that rivaled my adoration for fashion was my love for criminology & investigative stuff (well, and music).  I had a huge crush on Kojak.  YUCK!  Had to be the suckers, right?!? That being said, I chose a career in forensics after graduating from Indiana University.  I analyze crime scene fingerprints to hopefully identify to whom they belong, which has absolutely zero to do with fashion…obviously. So I kinda started this blog to have the best of both worlds.   I want to inspire women like you, who may work in a somewhat conservative environment and feel like you can’t be stylish or fun, or may just be stuck in a ‘Plain Jane’ fashion rut. My hope is to help you channel your inner fashionista, to acquire a fun unique style, to find your own fashion fingerprint! If you just want to be buddies, that’s fine too…



Anyway, on this blog you may notice that I love ANYTHING bright pinkish purple,  bright colors in general, mixing patterns and styles, fake food, hearts, lips, 70’s/80’s rock and anything by my man Bruno Mars.  I try my hand at art and fun DIY projects that I will post from time to time.  Oh, and according to my sister,  I’m also “obsessed with makeup.” She may be on to something.  By far though, the best thing about me is that I’m a mommy to the sweetest little 10 year old daughter.  You’ll catch glimpses of her and her artwork on here as well.

Disclaimer: All my opinions are my very own.  I’m kinda hard-headed, so it’s difficult to make me say something I don’t want to say.  

Please stay and hang out awhile and come back and see me soon!   




Rachael (a.k.a.  r.a.d.)

10 thoughts on “hello it’s me”

  1. I so love your styles as I seek inspiration to my wardrobe. I am now on a strict budget and see that my closet needs updating but will need to make do! I am a little heavy on my buttondowns and seek ways to style these and stretch out my wardrobe.
    I have some gingham, Liberty and generally several Jcrew shirts. At one time I needed these for my old profession. I had to wear them so conservative all buttoned up etc. now I want to use them more in a girly frilly way. I’d appreciate any advice on updating the look of wearing these shirts.

    1. hahahaha!!
      I love(d) them too…i would still have 32 of them if I could! I refuse to grow up! Thanks for taking the time to come over and read my blog! Glad to have you as my new famous blogger friend!! 🙂

  2. You are full of wonderful surprises !!! Now I get where your name comes from, you are a genius!!! I love your style, your way to put colors together and mixing different patterns. You are like a super hero, in the morning you have a very interesting and fascinating job and in the night you style the world!!!! Love it!!! ❤️❤️

    1. Awwww, Clara! I try to surprise everyone from time to time, you know it’s a scorpio thing, girl!! You got it too!! Give me some time and I will put your clothing line on here. I would like to get some subscribers first so more people can see your beautiful work!! You’re so super sweet! Thanks for checking out my blog!! <3

  3. Love that you mentioned Esprit, Swatch, and disc cameras all in the same blog! Great job Rae, looking forward to your posts!

    1. Hahaha, Andy, yes!! I’m sure it dates me quite a bit, but i don’t care! Those were the great things in life! Thanks for checking out my blog and taking the time to comment! You’re awesome!

  4. This is going to be so much fun! I can’t wait for you to put your thoughts on paper ( or here in Blogville as it were) as we get to know you more deeply. Congrats girl on the launch! Looking forward to getting to know you more ( oh and your fashion tips too).

    Dks417. Aka Donna ❤️

    1. Donna you are the best!! You have such faith in me and are so, so kind! I truly appreciate it so much!! I have many ideas but don’t want to post them all at once! I’m having trouble being patient! Haha, imagine that!


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